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MaximumPC takes a look at some user input devices that may help you to work safer and with less pain, in their recently-published Ergonomic Keyboard Review Roundup:

All of us spend hours and hours at our computers, but we rarely stop to think about ergonomics until it’s too late. The keyboards that most of us use don’t help things either.

There are options—this roundup is filled with ergonomic keyboards of all types: mechanical, split, tented, and even contoured. They may look different, but they’ve all got one thing in common: they’re a helluva lot more comfortable than what probably came with your first computer.

Ergonomic Keyboards Roundup

Keyboards examined in this roundup include:

1. The Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard, a split keyboard design that is adjustable in three dimensions, for a fit you can customize to your own needs. $110,

2. The Kinesis Freestyle2 is another split keyboard design, which allows wide separation between the halves, for even more adjustability. $100,

3. The Kinesis Advantage USB features a unique layout, with widely spaced keys and a contoured design with high-quality keys. $300,

4. The Truly Ergonomic Keyboard also has a unique design, though it looks much more like a standard keyboard, but with a wedge-shaped semi-split layout. $250,

I’ve not tried any of these designs, though all look intriguing, in different ways. If you’ve used any of these, feel free to share your impressions!

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.


  1. I’ve had a Kinesis Advantage USB for about 7 years and I love it. The price might scare people away, but the company has stood behind it, replacing a couple of parts that wore our after a few years for free. It also takes a few days to get used to it, but I find it much more comfortable than a regular keyboard. The fact that several often used keys are under your thumb makes it very efficient.

  2. I’ve also used the Kinesis Advantage for about 7 years and really love it. For me I think the most important thing is to make the keyboard a bit wider than a standard. So your shoulders isn’t as cramped as with a smaller board.

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