Hairstylists and RSI

A story from Plano, Texas highlights a problem many hairstylists experience from working intensely with their hands for many hours each day:

Irene Jokonya’s hands and wrists are her lifeline–the hair extension specialist threads needles and ties more than 300 knots day.

About two years ago she noticed a painful tingling sensation.

“It’s right around here,” Irene said while pointing to her wrist. “Every once in awhile my fingers will get numb and pain sometimes goes out to this muscle too and sometimes up to my shoulder.”

She’s tried wearing a brace and acupuncture–both helped but not enough.

“At first I was just like so sad and didn’t know what to do and was confused and really depressed about it because I love doing hair but I don’t love the pain in my hands,” Irene said.

We interviewed Irene during one of her last appointments before undergoing surgery to treat her carpal tunnel syndrome. [read more]

In another case, from Great Falls, Montana, carpal-tunnel surgery brought relief to a hairdresser:

Kathy Fleming’s hands used to ache, tingle and become numb.

The Great Falls hair dresser’s symptoms were the worst at night, and sometimes they’d keep her from sleeping — the result of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fleming had surgery in 2009 to correct the condition. Since then the symptoms have disappeared entirely.

“That night, I slept all night after the surgery,” she said. “It was amazing.” [read more]

This video share’s the story of Marcee, a hair stylist who had struggled with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome for 13 years:

And finally, this video demonstrates proper technique that might help you avoid RSI problems:

Are you a hair care professional who has experienced problems with your hands? Feel free to share your story in the comments!

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.

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