Home Ultrasound Machines Provide Fast Pain Relief For Soft Tissue Injuries

Home ultrasound machines are being used today for pain management and to decrease healing time of injuries to the soft tissues. Choosing a home ultrasound machine instead of pain medication often can relieve swelling, inflammation, pain, and cause the tissues to repair themselves quicker than other forms of treatment. Home ultrasound machines are even being used to heal fractured bones quicker. This remarkable therapy is available for use in the home environment for rehabilitation and pain management without having to visit physical therapists offices or rehabilitation treatment centers. Home ultrasound machines are not intended to cure the injury, but they do work to promote faster recovery times and relieve pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and increase range of motion.

Using a home ultrasound machine can help relieve symptoms associated with muscle sprains, joint disorders, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, and more. Home ultrasound machines send sound waves deeply into the damaged tissue where the pain resides. These sound waves cause a vibration throughout the injured area causing heat for blood flow to be increased. This delivers more nutrients to the injury site helping relieve pain and stimulating the natural healing process.

In the past, physical therapists performed ultrasound treatments in their offices for pain and rehabilitative treatments. Some individuals suffer with recurring pain where having a home ultrasound machine can provide relief without having to visit the physical therapists office. These machines are portable, lightweight, and safe for home use; and user friendly for easy use also. With the use of an ultrasound gel applied to the injured area, the ultrasound machine is then used by gently moving the wand head over the area. If the physician also prescribes a topical anti-inflammatory medication, this can also be used with the home ultrasound machine to help the medication penetrate deeply into the soft tissues.

Choosing to use a home ultrasound machine can not only provide pain relief and speed healing, but it is also less costly than professional treatments and may help reduce the dependence on painkillers. A home ultrasound machine can also relieve pain immediately upon use because of the sound waves going directly to the painful area. Home ultrasound machines come in different wave frequencies providing deeper penetration with higher frequencies. For chronic or acute pain such as pain from arthritis or bone injuries, a 1 MHz ultrasound machine is recommended. These machines provide deep penetration of 4cm below the skin surface. The 3 MHz ultrasound machine penetrates 2cm into the tissue. This type of machine is often recommended for superficial injuries such as tendonitis. The 5 MHz ultrasound machine penetrates 0.5cm within the skin and is usually used to help eliminate scar tissue, cellulite, fat, scars, sunburns, and other superficial injuries.

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