ErgoMotion: A New Concept in Ergonomic Peripherals

Smartfish Technologies has recently introduced some very interesting user input devices featuring a new technology they call “ErgoMotion”. Here’s what they have to say about the concept:

By applying motion to experiences, ErgoMotion™ is redefining ergonomics and changing the future of computing comfort forever!

The Truth About Ergonomic Products
Many ergonomic products on the market today are designed to find the perfect “fixed position” to alleviate stress to the user’s hands and wrists while they work. These products are designed with the belief that by placing the user’s hands and wrists at a “natural” angle this will properly address Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI). However, studies show repetition, not the position, induces RSI such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), proving that any fixed position will not solve the problem. In fact, over time, prolonged work in the same position will only cause injury no matter how natural the position.

Motion Heals
ErgoMotion™ is built on the concept that movement is the key to healthier computing. The medical community has long supported movement to be beneficial to the human body, which promotes blood flow and decreases inflammation—inadequate blood circulation and inflammation are both considered key contributors to RSI. It was Smartfish’s founder, Dr. Jack Atzmon, who’s own experience with RSI lead him to question the effects ergonomic computer products had while he worked. Through Dr. Atzmon’s own research he challenged “fixed-position” products and their claimed benefits, and developed a theory that motion was the solution to true ergonomics.

Smartfish partnered with New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) to study the affects motion would have on a user while they compute. It was the collaboration with HSS that helped develop ErgoMotion™ proving subtle, even incremental movement would increase blood flow and reduce inflammation eliminating the risks of RSI. By applying motion to products, ErgoMotion™ is redefining the future of ergonomics. It is the first technology to actually address the root causes of RSI, and empowering the user to compute healthier.
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Applying ErgoMotion
The Smartfish ErgoMotion™ Laser Mouse and ErgoMotion™ Keyboard are the first products to leverage the ErgoMotion™ technology. The ErgoMotion™ Laser Mouse utilizes a patented motion-base that conforms to the user’s natural hand and wrist positions while they work. However, the ErgoMotion™ Keyboard creates a slightly different ErgoMotion™ experience by tracking the user’s work pattern and making incremental changes to itself so the user’s hands and wrists are never in a static position while typing.

ErgoMotion Mouse
ErgoMotion Keyboard

Learn more about the ErgoMotion™ Laser Mouse (available in black and white designs) and the ErgoMotion™ Keyboard (also in black and white).

Both the mouse and keyboard are available for pre-order from Amazon (affiliate link).

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.

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