What About Herbal and Nutritional Treatments?

In an article she posted at Bukisa, “HardworkinJudy” writes:

Over two years ago I experienced tingling and numbness in my right hand. At times the pain was so restrictive I could not move my hand and at other times there was a prickly sensation as if my hand had “fallen asleep” and I could not regain the proper feeling or use. The surgeon who examined me was talking about surgery so I was going to do my homework first. The thought of surgery spurred me on to find out more and though I was diagnosed with an inflamed ulnar nerve, the research I did kept leading me to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Judy goes on to discuss her search for alternatives to surgery, and what she’s done to help alleviate her pain — including wearing a wrist brace and using a stress ball, as well as utilizing herbal supplements such as Turmeric, Biotin, and Bromelain, among others.

Lots of good information here: Herbal and Nutritional Treatments for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.


  1. I’ve used Alpha Lipoic Acid (600-900mg daily) and found it to be very helpful with nerve issues – it’s been used with diabetic patients and helped my numbness. Also Lots of good Omega 3 fish oil, cut down on inflammatory Omega 6s that are EVERYWHERE. Coconut oil is another good (and tasty) source of omega 3s. (I like nutiva brand, i buy on amazon for a great deal on the giant tubs).

  2. I am just concerned about the main source of Omega 3 which is the liver of fish. as you can see, fishes can accumulate mercury and pcb. “~*

  3. Omega 3 oil can really help your heart and arteries so take a sip of it regularly..-`

  4. my grandmother likes to take herbal supplements because it is energizing and detoxifying-`’

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