Zero Tension Mouse Reviewed

Zero Tension MouseThe Zero Tension Mouse is an ergonomic pointing device designed to keep your hand in a neutral position as you use your computer.

With an appearance reminiscent of the Quill Aerobic Mouse, Evoluent VerticalMouse, and the 3M Renaissance Mouse, the Zero Tension Mouse is designed to be held with your hand in a vertical position (as if you were shaking hands with someone), with the bottom of your hand resting on the base of the mouse, and your fingers curled around the vertical portion of the device. There are two buttons, one each for your index and middle fingers, which correspond with the left-click and right-click functions of a normal mouse. The top of the Zero Tension Mouse contains a scroll wheel, operated with the thumb, which also acts as a third mouse button.

Unlike a normal, horizontal mouse, the wrist doesn’t move at all. The mouse is positioned by using your entire arm. This will likely require some practice in order to learn the fine mouse control needed for detailed work such as CAD or image manipulation.

According to clinical tests conducted by Active Release Techniques, creators of the device, the Zero Tension Mouse is the only computer mouse that relaxes all 8 muscle groups that cause carpal tunnel syndrome and other overuse injuries. Read more about the medical benefits of this device in the In Depth section of the Zero Tension Mouse web site, which also includes anatomy diagrams and suggested arm, wrist and hand stretches.

The Zero Tension Mouse works with both Windows and Macintosh computers, and requires a USB connection. It comes in three sizes, for right-handed use only. It is available in translucent blue, or black. List price is $79.95.

Reviews of the Zero Tension Mouse:

Randy Rasa

Randy is an engineer/programmer/web designer who has suffered from repetitive strain injury off and on for over a decade.


  1. But we know that using the arm instead of the wrist to move your mouse eventually causes pain.

  2. Have had this mouse for about a month. Elbow an forearm pain disappeared with a couple of hours. However, the height of the base, coupled with the need to not rest your entire weight on the thing, plus use of the upper arm combine to cause pain near the base of the neck, both sides.

    Be prepared to move more slowly, too, as the arm is still trianing to make the fine movements formely done by hand and wrist.

    I switch off between old and new mouse, mostly to avoid the neck pain.

  3. Interesting, any idea where to get them?

  4. I Just wanted to tell folks, I sprung and bout this device. I was having pretty severe pain in my arm and hand when I used the silly TrackPoint on the ThinkPad brand computers and a regular mouse. After getting used to the Zero Tension mouse I have experiences no more pain. I have to tell you, it took me less time to get used to the mouse than some other reviewers have posted. I also had to adjust my seating position such that my right forearm was resting properly on the chair I use (right armrest had to come up more). Once all that was set, I adapted easily to the device and have grown to like it very much. The tracking on the model I purchased (1st gen.) was less than precise, however the new models (2nd gen.) are laser mice and have much better resolution, so one would expect better/smoother tracking. I would recommend this product it worked for me. I plan to purchase another in the 2nd generation configuration soon. I had previously tried many mice and other devices; none gave me pain relief like the Zero Tension Mouse.

  5. I used to have severe forearm pain to the point that I would switch to my left hand, then to the right as they would both eventually hurt.
    After purchasing this device using my office’s ergonomic facilitation service, I have had no forearm pain–100% gone.
    The comments that this will make your arm work harder and strain your neck and back seem silly to me. I’ve had this device for almost two years with no such issues. It’s true that you will have to use your arm more than your wrist, but once you adjust you’ll likely be fine.
    One issue I have, is shared with Martin V in that the 1st generation device had pretty lousy tracking. I find myself having the point and shoot three and four times before hitting the mark. I’m assuming the newer models should remedy this.
    The other issue I have is getting used to not knocking the thing off my desk. As I’m used to reaching over a low mouse, I have whacked this mouse right the hell off my desk several times and it has not fared well landing. I’ve had to disassemble it and replace the pickup lens several times as it gets knocked out of place inside of the enclosure. I’ve resorted to attaching a short loop of the cable to the underside of my platform with a zip tie so while I still whack it off my mouse pad, it just dangles instead of crashing to the floor.
    I highly recommend this product and after two years of solid use, it’s done me well.

  6. Great product. Brought me relief within the 1st hour of using it. It’s taken about 2 days to get comfortable with the functionality, proficiency is still coming. I found that my mouse settings did need to be toned down.

    Overall 5 stars

  7. I wonder if this mouse causes fatigue on your tumb. I have not used it yet, but I have the 3M Renaisence mouse (which is quite similar and also inspired this new product) and my tumb is killing me now.

  8. It’s amazing how much things have changed! I love the vertical mouses these days; they are great.

  9. There is a new, custom-molded, ergonomic computer mouse out there that addresses all the concerns mentioned above and then some.

    It costs a little more, but it is CUSTOM MOLDED to your hand!! It simply has to fit!

    And there is no scroll wheel – just scroll buttons that allow the user to press buttons to scroll up and down. It goes faster the longer you hold the buttons down, too!

    After you order the device, the company sends you a mold kit and you watch the instructional video to make your mold.

    When you get the device back, it’s in the shape of your palm and fingers!!

    Check it out at

    You can’t go wrong!

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